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ass masterpiece
Number of videos: 140 + scenes
Updates: 2 scenes monthly
Video resolution: HD 1920×1080
Number of Pornstars: 140

% Rating

Exclusivity 91%
Quality 89%
Quantity 65%
Content 72%
Download 76%
Price 92%
29% Month Discount
for the first month
25% Year Discount
/month – Billed yearly at $71.40

Ass Masterpiece review


Love Busty Babes? Watch Them at Ass Masterpiece Discount Today

In my entire life, I have met very few men who do not fantasize marrying and fucking a lady who has a big ass. Ass Masterpiece has come to the people who are not lucky enough to get such a lady by giving you hot hardcore sex videos.

I consider myself a female posterior and for a good reason, my sex game is way up there. Ass Masterpiece has helped me to up my game especially by showing me how to really get deep into the pussy when fucking a busty lady. Most of the scenes start off with the lady showing off her butt and shaking it in front of the camera to get you horny. The next stage involves a guy who walks into the room and starts devouring the ass like groceries literally!

Most of the videos that I have watched so far are in full HD and last for half an hour. You will enjoy the dirty talk especially from the ladies who seem to enjoy feeling the dick girth cover their entire pussy shaft. They even go an extra mile to give us an overview of the whole experience!


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